ING luxembourg marathon 2012

Finally, after weeks of running in all types of Luxembourg weather, the sun shone brightly at the beginning of the 19th of May for the ING Luxembourg Marathon 2012! First time for all of us to take part in a team run, we reluctantly abandoned Claude, the first participant in our team, an hour before the start. Lucie, Viviane and

I waited with the other teams at the Glacis to welcome only a slightly fatigued Claude back and Lucie took off. The thunder roared and lightning struck in anticipation of Lucie’s departure and the heavens opened with a welcome (for once!) bout of rain on the runners. It was thus with baited breath that I waited at place
Winston Churchill to see what season I would be running in as night approached on Lucie’s arrival. Alas nothing so dramatic than the sun going down. As I struggled my way up to the Gare from the Vallée de la Pétrusse in the dark to meet Viviane I wondered how the marathoners manage to finish the whole 42.2 km!
Viviane high on sugar and caffeine took off like a bullet from the Gare to Kirchberg. No time to look back in her pursuit of the finish line. At last, adorned with our medals, cradling coupes of crémant, we toasted our endeavour, experiencing the satisfactory feeling of achievement with a great team. What a day, what a night, what a season! A big thank you to Ludo for his encouragement and rigorous training sessions – we won’t stop there…!